Thirsty For Nut Juice

Thirsty For Nut Juice Thirsty For Nut Juice

“this type of fucking turn-on when others view myself get fucked,” states Marilyn White as she prepares on her strangers-with-benefits day showing up. Marilyn strokes the woman legs and works a soft hand against the woman panty-clad vagina. Totally clothed, she works the woman fingers over the woman huge piles bulging from the top of her gown. She waits for male hands to do equivalent to her satisfaction peaks.

The digital camera is placed away from window as Marilyn caresses the woman human anatomy while she waits. The blinds aren’t shut because Marilyn really wants to be seen. Tony turns up and minds for mountains. “the trend is to have fun with my giant fucking titties?” Marilyn suggests. He needs no reassurance. Any guy would like to get their palms on those heavy hooters and carry them to their lips…nibble the nipples…suck them…kiss them. Marilyn really loves strong male fingers squeezing the woman skin puppies.

the scene changes from outside to within the bedroom. Marilyn and Tony come in bed. She actually is got the woman top down and he’s sucking the woman nipples. She takes her soft breasts from sides with both hands and buffs his cock, already from his pants. She entraps the shaft and moves her big boobs along. She spits on their cock and puts it straight back inside her cleavage. The feeling of being massaged by huge love pillows is out of this globe. Those breasts were made to be fucked daily.

Marilyn takes their cock and pops it inside her lips. Her tits are pushed against their thigh. Tony holds the girl by the tresses as Marilyn swallows their shaft, the woman neck filled. She drools over it, licks the head with a green tongue, after that stuffs the woman lips with-it again.

Marilyn gets on the straight back, prepared for lots more tit-fucking. Tony straddles her chest and bookmarks his joint inside her cleavage. They each hold the woman tits and squeeze them collectively. He leans forward so Marilyn can stick her tongue away and eat the end whilst nears her lips.

it is time to shag.

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