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Kiki Rainbow's Happy Endings Massage Shop Kiki Rainbow's successful Endings rub store

“i enjoy role-play,” said Kiki Rainbow, a Brit having a rainbow of intimate preferences and pursuits. “i am a massage therapist helping Michael along with his aching right back that we treat with my big boobs and blow job skills. He gives me a great fucking to my massage dining table. We liked their huge cock in me.”

A very sensual woman, Kiki is the one to show off her rack.

“I wear very low-cut dresses to show off my tits. I happened to be a 32F-cup at 13. I prefer it when a guy can not just take his eyes down my sufficient assets. I like putting on short dresses when I want to show my tattoos and shapely legs.”

Kiki desires to get fucked normally as you are able to.

“i love intercourse about 5 times weekly, a variety of quickies and long, erotic sessions. The best place is doggy-style.”

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