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Jennica Lynn – The Adventures Of Super-Jennica

The Adventures Of Super-Jennica The Adventures Of Super-Jennica

It’s superheroine time with stunning Swede Jennica Lynn! At minimum that’s what Jennica looks like. Our own question girl. She can’t fly nevertheless she may knock we out along with her big tits plus bubble butt. She has no lasso of truth yet 1 consider her baby blue eyes plus you’d not be capable to lay to her. Those are five kilos of pure dynamite being propped up inside her bustier. The type which cause an explosion inside the trousers. That’s 12.5 pounds to people not found on the metric program!

It’s not well-defined what navy her bustier belonged to however there will be a rush to enlist when she was their poster girl. In truth, a few of the shots inside this set will be best because a navy recruiting poster.

Jennica, together with other island mates Lavina Dream plus Roxanne Miller are the beautiful covergirls of September 2014 XL Girls magazine (SP 269), accessible at eBoobStore.com. It’s certain to be a sell-out collectible. Grab yours when it’s found on the shelf.

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Harley Ann – Cute & Sexy

Cute & Sexy Cute & Sexy

Meet Harley Ann, a new babe at XLGirls.com along with a real cutie pie with 40DD boobs. Even the cameraman selected the phrase “cutie pie” whenever he met Harley.

Harley Ann is a bartender inside Florida. Whenever she’s not getting persons drunk about booze plus her breasts, she is at the beach along with her neighbors having fun or doing certain exterior Florida activity. She wants to go to sporting occasions plus likes sports.

“I usually like to wear a tight dress with a deep V-neck or perhaps a tight Tee. I love my big breasts plus I like to show them off.” That’s ideal confidence plus you applaud her. We equally applauded whenever Harley Ann took off her dresses.

A girl you want to squeeze plus motorboat? You betcha. That’s Harley Ann. Check out her boner bonus pictures plus movie. In the movie, Harley chats regarding her interests plus what she wants to do. You’ll love her!

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Isabella Grazzi – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside Baby, It's Cold Outside

No matter the season, the gorgeous face, the twin mountains, the gorgeous body as well as the pleasing character of the fresh-faced newcomer is the cause to accept Isabella Grazzi’s invitation to warm the cockles of the heart. It could be July, it can be December. It doesn’t create a difference. When is the proper time.

Isabella’s a best cuddle bunny for those extended nights, her soft skin radiating the heat of pleasure. Her girlfriend character comes right by inside the 2 dimensional planet of videos plus images plus leads 1 into a planet of fantasy. She has ideal, thick breasts a man may invest hours worshipping plus sinking into.

Isabella wants both females plus men.

“I utilized to have a girlfriend,” Isabella revealed. “It was awesome however, she played a great deal of notice games thus it didn’t exercise. But the creating out was the number one element.” Was she a busty girl too?

What satisfies Isabella right?

“Penetration…but I like being touched everywhere. Like kisses about my throat plus gentle hands rubbing my breasts plus behind.”

Judging by what Isabella listed because her intimate fantasies (including BDSM), there’s more to her than meets the eye. However that’s generally the case with many females, isn’t it?

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Kamille Amora – Porn Virgin

Porn Virgin Porn Virgin

Kamille Amora really did a Tits & Tugs. That had been a warm-up for this leading event. Seattle’s best 36I-cup bra-buster Kamille is a pornography virgin no more following starring inside this cherry-poppin’ scene. She’s gone to a swingers’ club inside Las Vegas, however, starring inside a porn scene is a completely different experience. A dancer back house, Kamille offers Largo a standard lap grinder till he may take no more of her soft, spankable ass rubbing his junk.

He whips out his boner for Kamille to suck about plus slip between her big breasts. She offers him a stunning blow job. Kamille states she’s into tit-fucking back house plus it shows. Those huge hooters could conceal any size penis. Kamille can be fresh at sex on-camera however, she has a advantageous hold about items. A good, tight grasp.

“My favorite position is doggie,” states Kamille, that looks to function as the loudest whenever Largo is shoving his big lumber into her pink pussy because position. She’s a vocal, passionate screamer plus is actually sexy inside her initially full-sex scene. She moreover offers superior eye-contact.

Even when this cute babe had not completed a XXX scene, her awesome body plus amazing hooters are a function of art by Mother Nature plus she ought to be proud. We should thank her profusely for placing out plus making everyone enjoy her heavenly presents inside this globe premiere. XLGirls employees cannot jack at the job in Kamille’s case you could create an exception.

Thank we, Kamille Amora!

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Vanya Vixen – V Is For Vanya

V Is For Vanya V Is For Vanya

“My talent is in being a paradox,” says Vanya Vixen. How so? “I am a sexy, nerdy, dominant, shy girl. Figure that one out!” Vanya also calls herself a “homebody.” But she’s nowhere near the shy type.

This is Vanya’s first time at XLGirls.com. She has a lot of fetish-oriented interests like cosplay and domination and is a web-cam girl in Florida. Vanya has a degree in the Performing Arts. A friend of Vanya’s recommended XLGirls so Vanya made the connection and clicked.

Vanya’s sexual fantasies are… “Romantic, chivalrous, love-story crap. I’m a typical girl at heart. But there’s also something to be said for dominating someone! When a guy asked me to allow him to worship me and my feet, I was hooked. I felt like a queen.”

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Natalie Fiore – Ice Cream For Natalie

Ice Cream For Natalie Ice Cream For Natalie

Natalie Fiore has a wanting for anything sweet plus refreshing. She requirements anything to lick. Something to meet an oral wanting expectant ladies receive. Many ice cream is good. A cone is brought to her plus she licks it eagerly. She may even leave the cone nestled hands-free between her today huge mammaries plus lick the ball of ice cream. Her cravings moreover extend to her sexy girl box. She demands relief there too. Her abdomen bump is colossal today. A rub-out might meet her, at smallest for a small whilst till the urge returns. Pregnant ladies are usually hungry, extra-sensitive plus sexy, their hormones creating them ride a seesaw of cravings plus yearnings. Natalie’s fingers reach about her bump thus she will play her clitoris like a guitar plus cum with a moan along with a sigh of reassurance. She knows this scene might function up her fans. That satisfies Natalie too.

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Ann Calis – Tits Of The Spiderwoman

Tits Of The Spiderwoman Tits Of The Spiderwoman

Ann Calis is new to hot modeling nevertheless she is really comfortable plus relaxed inside front of the camera which she appears because when she’d been showing each inch of bare skin for a lengthy time. That’s a all-natural skill!

“This really is truly exciting,” Ann mentioned. “I had not considered doing anything like this, however, today which I am doing it, I love it.”

Ann’s slinky “Spiderwoman” bodysuit can’t mask her girl-next-door healthy plushness. Her good figure plus sweet face has been turning heads because she matured. She’s a luscious new addition to the big show at The SCORE Group.

Ann believes inside a healthy life-style plus practices yoga, swims plus plays volleyball. Any man that attempts to play volleyball against her may lose considering her breasts are merely too distracting.

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Amerie Thomas – Chillaxing

Chillaxing Chillaxing

This set has 2 components. Amerie Thomas at a park inside town plus taking a party. The last limited images were taken when she was being prepared up for an XLGirls shoot.

“I played soccer plus volleyball inside excellent school however today I only observe sports,” states Amerie. “I am a big Golden State Warriors enthusiast. I play fantasy sports nevertheless I don’t have 1 favorite team. My favorite baseball team might need to be the NY Mets. (Amerie lives inside NY City.)

When I go bra buying, I try plus purchase very bras for whenever I’m merely calming at house. For my modeling or all-day bras, I purchase online. Stores commonly don’t carry my size (36G).”

Growing up, Amerie worked at an Orange Julius inside a mall. “That job had been a great deal of fun. It didn’t feel like a job at all. All of my neighbors worked inside the mall too. I had the largest tits from all them.” Nothing beats fresh squeezed.

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Jola – Bangin’ Time For Jola

Bangin' Time For Jola Bangin' Time For Jola

In her kitchen, Jola is dressed to show many skin. Slipped into a “Kiss The Cook” apron over her tight bra plus lacy panties, Jola is getting ready to bake a cake not shake her dumplings. Next Novis walks into the kitchen.

He doesn’t wish cake. He wants Jola’s pie. It looks like they’re going to need to eat out later. He encourages Jola to abandon the cooking lesson plus fuck him right found on the kitchen countertop plus found on the floor. It’s been a whilst because Jola’s had a difficult sausage plus there’s no time like the present.

The kitchen is today shut yet Jola’s pussy is open.

“I had fun creating this,” mentioned Jola with a twinkle inside her eyes. “Novis became a superior kitchen assistant. I think I like to do this again.” A salesgirl by industry, it looks like Jola has a complete unique hobby today following joining the party at XLGirls. She may additionally wish To try out for which prevalent TV show, Kitchen Wet Dreams.

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Amerie Thomas – A Talented Girl

A Talented Girl A Talented Girl

Meet Amerie, a first-time XLGirls. Amerie mentioned she was going to send inside her at-home shots 3 years ago nevertheless chickened out till today. We’re happy she finally did!

“I receive a great deal of attention plus I’m chosen with it,” Amerie claims. “I take a big sense of delight inside my breasts. These are generally gorgeous as well as ought to be loved. I don’t need to try too difficult to draw attention for them. No matter what I wear these beautiful pillows stand out.” Gotta love a girl whom respects plus likes her big breasts!

Guys hit about Amerie a lot for apparent factors.

“The funniest pick-up line a guy’s mentioned to me was furthermore the creepiest. A man asked me when I may enable him discover his vehicle. Because following he saw me his notice went empty. I felt because when he was going to kidnap me plus throw me inside the back of the van plus have his means with me.”

Amerie’s pastime is taking images of all of the places she has been to. “Washington D.C. is undoubtedly my favorite area thus far. There’s thus much history inside 1 region.”

A specialized bonus has equally been posted: Photos of Amerie inside Miami along with a movie of her inside the party getting breastfully clean.

Please acceptance this hot redhead to the party.

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