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Miranda – Cream My Tits

Cream My Tits Cream My Tits

Cream My Tits was Italian export Miranda’s initial XXX XL Girls DVD. (Her 2nd DVD was Busty Fucks.) She shops at a supermarket plus gets into Tony’s truck. They drive off to a secluded fucker’s lane region where nobody may see them plus they go at it inside daylight. A may of whipped cream plays a prominent character, therefore the title. This was among the initially food-oriented scenes at XL Girls, when not the initial.

The lusty, busty, 5’8″, 165 pound Italian was living inside America at the time. She mentioned she wore 40DD bras yet she was calculated throughout an interview plus she was really an H-cupper.

Miranda had sturdy feelings regarding the variations between Italian guys plus American males.

“Italian males treat we advantageous, however, then they stop. The American males, they state what they mean. They state, ‘I wanna fuck we,’ when they wanna fuck we. Italian males don’t wanna state which. They wanna do it, however they don’t state it. They like to fuck we, however they need to state, ‘Oh, I love we, you may be thus breathtaking,’ plus additional crap. American men are the number one fans. They’re more dirty plus more fun. Everyone thinks Italians are Latin fans, however, I think they’re fake, like stars.”

“American males are more honest. I that way. I like the American method better. I don’t like the bullshit. It’s better whenever a guy is direct. I think it’s actually significant to meet the guy. Maybe should you meet the guy, he’ll know to meet the female. We don’t need to be selfish inside sex. I like a surprisingly gentlemanly man. I don’t like rude. Whenever I meet a guy, I like him to be really gentlemanly. In the sex, no. In the sex, I like…a small rough.”

Miranda additionally had sturdy feelings regarding American women.

“Maybe the females are more spoiled inside America, the ladies. The ladies inside America don’t cook a lot. They don’t clean their houses. They’re more spoiled.”

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Suzumi Wilder – Busty Blonde Beauty

Busty Blonde Beauty Busty Blonde Beauty

Say hi to Suzumi Wilder, a busty blonde beauty that hails from South Carolina. Though we wouldn’t guess it, Suzumi is an avid gamer plus has a light addiction to character playing games like World of Warcraft plus Final Fantasy. We have a limited part playing games in your mind for Suzumi plus her thick 44DDD breasts, however, we’ll protect which for another day.

Watching pornography is another 1 of Suzumi’s favorite pastimes. This, inside addition to her fair skin, blonde hair plus thick hooters leaves her appropriate at house amidst her brand-new XL Girls sisters.

“I observe porn all time,” Suzumi mentioned. “Needless to say, which signifies I masturbate a lot. If I’m choosing a quickie, I may utilize an egg vibrator about my clit plus function about a rapid orgasm whilst thinking regarding being fucked hard.”

Suzumi, 23, didn’t need to wait lengthy for the beef whenever she ventured to Miami plus the hallowed halls of hooters. She filmed 1 of the hottest hardcore scenes of the year with 1 of the most-hung studs, plus we’ll be posting it shortly. Be found on the look out for it.

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Danica Danali – Brick Home Babe

Brick Home Babe Brick Home Babe

In Texas, the bricks are bigger as well as the boobs are even bigger. Bricks are difficult. Tits are soft. Why a gal with a curvy, ultra-plush body is known as a brick home is anything for the word-scholars to work through.

Illustrating the description of “brick house” inside photos along with a Bonus movie is Danica Danali (Full Figured Foxes 2, Chubby N’ Fucked 2 plus more), a Texas housewife with 38L-cups along with a 52-inch bustline. Danica is back at XLGirls.com with a fresh series of pictures plus videos. Danica initially came here at the finish of 2010 plus was an immediate hit.

Danica’s been married thirteen years plus her spouse supports her adult modeling interests. And that’s a perfect thing for all fans of XL Girls plus their hot adventures.

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Aimee Jackson – Aimee’s Oily Bod

Aimee's Oily Bod Aimee's Oily Bod

Factors usually receive a bit steamy plus wet whenever a girl like Aimee Jackson is about. This busty babe from Kansas City is a certified massage therapist that states she’s addicted to touch. She’s accustomed to firmly nevertheless gently rubbing oil into the bodies of her patrons to relieve their strain, nevertheless now, Aimee gets to treat herself to a deep tissue massage. After a lengthy day of shooting, Aimee bathes her thick H-cup naturals inside baby oil plus you are able to feel her growing more aroused.

“Playing with my boobs is regarded as the greatest methods to receive me aroused,” she mentioned. “I love whenever a guy sucks about my boobs plus nibbles about my nipples. I receive sexy thinking regarding it.”

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Billie Austin – Billie’s Big Bang

Billie's Big Bang Billie's Big Bang

XL soldiers, stand at attention for Billie Austin’s initially XL Girls hardcore scene. She’ll polish the helmet of Tony’s penis real wise. This really is the true meaning of spit plus shine.

They called U.S. Marine veteran Billie Austin a “bubble chaser” whenever she became a helicopter technician inside the Corps. That’s a tech whom, among her numerous responsibilities, looks for bubbles inside the hydraulic lines of the chopper. Her official job description was “Aviation Hydraulics Mechanic.” Then Billie’s loving the porny existence.

Today it’s reversed. Bubble chasers are the men chasing Billie to receive their hands about her big bubbles plus her big bubble butt! Yeah, baby.

How did you discover Billie?

“My boyfriend is a big enthusiast of the SCORE Group plus he recommended I must submit images. I am really lucky he is really supportive of me!”

What gets Billie off?

“A superior aggressive roll inside the hay where I receive a advantageous pounding about my G-spot till I squirt like a geyser.”

It’s time to allow Billie create the cocks stand at attention. She likes jarheads.

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Scarlett Monroe – Juicy Fruits & Boobs

Juicy Fruits & Boobs Juicy Fruits & Boobs

They state an apple a day keeps the doctor away, plus when you won’t dispute which claim, here at XL Girls, you like to receive daily servings of Vitamin B. Naturally, those vitamins are tits plus booty, plus Scarlett Monroe has both those assets inside spades.

Scarlett is what comes to mind whenever we think of what an XL Girl ought to be. She flashes a bright smile which lights up any area she saunters into, she boasts a pair of 34E naturals ideal for engine vessels plus tit fucks, plus her healthy curves plus childbearing hips are completely mouth-watering.

“I like the attention I receive,” Scarlett told you. “Whenever I was young, it might bother me, however, today I embrace it. Then I think when somebody would like to stare at me–at my breasts inside particular–go proper ahead. They’re there plus they’re breathtaking.

We couldn’t agree more. Take a gander at Scarlett’s newest pictures plus then go look at her movie. Scarlett’s bod plus boobies are because ripe plus delicious because ever.

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Natalie Fiore – Natalie’s Anatomy Lesson

Natalie's Anatomy Lesson Natalie's Anatomy Lesson

The student body is within total awe of Miss Natalie Fiore. She continues to teach inside her classroom whenever she ought to be getting willing to create her imminent unique delivery. That’s commitment to all XL Men.

The principal has provided Natalie Fiore carte blanche to dress because she pleases. He’s a tit-man too, plus Natalie is not going to provide up her especially low-cut tops which show acres of warm, soft cleavage created to engulf a fortunate man’s face or penis.

The lesson program now is all regarding Natalie’s body, her unfuckingbelievably big knockers, her sweet pussy-hole plus sex knowledge on the whole. It’s a useful lesson program. Natalie is showing everything about her desk. She wants her pupils to understand everything plus what greater technique than to employ her own awesome anatomy.

It was no surprise which whenever the class ended, half the pupils available to carry her briefcase as well as the additional half loitered inside the area so that they may sniff the desk following she left. Everyone went house to jack to thoughts of Miss Fiore.

Class dismissed.

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Aimee Jackson – New Discovery

New Discovery New Discovery

XL Men, the newest discovery is additionally the girl of the stickiest wet dreams. Her name is Aimee Jackson, plus she’s a 27-year aged massage therapist from Kansas City, Missouri. Missouri is sometimes known because the “Show Me State,” creating it the most perfect spot for Aimee to call house considering you couldn’t be happier which Aimee is here showing you her 34H-cup boobs.

“I find the attention I receive due to my breasts fun,” Aimee told you. “If I catch men, plus occasionally women, staring too lengthy I’ll clench 1 of my fists plus go beneath my tits to intentionally jump them. I usually receive a perfect response.”

If the response is anything lower than a standing ovation, we’ll need to provide the people of Kansas City credit for their restraint.

This really is Aimee’s first-time doing modeling of any type, yet she’s a all-natural inside front of the camera. Her bright smile lit up the bedroom you shot this picture set inside, plus she’s because intimate plus sexy because any girl we’ve shot.

“I’ve constantly been a actually sexy individual,” Aimee mentioned. “I think that’s why I got into massage therapy. I love bodies–men plus women–and using them as well as the oils is a great deal of fun for me. I’ve been told I have an incredible touch.”

It should feel like being touched with a big-boobed angel.

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Sunshine – Cream My Tits

Cream My Tits Cream My Tits

In this XL Girls Classic “Cream My Tits,” it’s a big-boob feast of feasts with Sunshine, a girl whom has a lot to provide, plus provide it up she does, time following time. Sex with Sunshine is not a quickie. It’s a breast-sex adventure. Those boobs were created for sucking plus screwing daily.

Tony knew which pie wasn’t going to receive tossed inside his face. Sunshine utilizes her jugs to spread the filling all over him. He licks the wealthy carbs right off Sunshine’s yummy boobs plus goes crazy with intimate delirium.

Sunshine does 1 of the favorite moves. Instead of blowing him, she has him fuck her open mouth because she tickles plus squeezes his balls. Next he offers huge-chested Sunshine the cream appropriate from his fuckin’ nuts inside a boinking scene thus hot, the pie plate melted.

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Danica Danali – Texas-size Tits

Texas-size Tits Texas-size Tits

When Danica Danali points her 52-inch, 38L-cup Texas-size boobs at somebody, they freeze. It’s 1 of her countless super-powers. We have enjoyed Danica’s different super-powers before at XLGirls.com. If you have not, it’s time to catch up. We’re constantly happy to have her over to spread the joy.

What makes Danica additional sexy?

“Tit plus nipple play. Great, lengthy sucking of my nipples with many suction plus licking. Additionally I love lengthy, difficult kissing.”

What does Danica do for her man to create him feel unique? What will he do for her?

“He wants which I cook for him plus bake him his favorite foods. In bed, he likes face-sitting plus my big breasts proper inside his face. Next he does everything I ask!”

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