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Skintight Skintight

“People usually compliment me on my eyes or my boobs, which is very sweet,” Milly Marks told us. The gorgeous brunette can’t help being an attention magnet. Wherever she goes–club, classroom, anyplace–she owns it. “I’ve been told often that I have bedroom eyes. But a lot of people who get the chance to know me compliment my brain and I love that more than anything.”

Milly is one of those girls who has it all. Guys wish she was their girlfriend and girls wish she was their bosom buddy.

Some guys can never get enough of Milly’s pictures and videos. They keep asking for more, more, more every time.

“Milly Marks is the revelation of 2017! It’s as if you reached into my mental collection of erotic fantasies and plucked out the perfect woman. Whether it’s here at XL Girls or at SCORELAND, nothing gets the blood racing like seeing that she’s had a new video and picture set posted. That body, that face…that attitude. Please, please bring her back again and again and again, as long as she continues to enjoy posing.”-Carny 22

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Fashion Show

Fashion Show Fashion Show

Do not confuse Danica Danali’s Fashion Show with the no-tits-on-a-stick fashion shows on TV hosted by foo-foo pseudo-celebrities. We have none of that painful garbage here at XL Girls.

Danica first models her denim cut-off shorts and a very tight tank-top. The kind of outfits that drive the neighborhood dads and male store clerks out of their minds crazy when Danica goes out. Then she changes to sexy lingerie and oils up. Danica takes everything off and fingers her pussy and plays with her massive fun-bags.

Danica mentioned something that the great Analee Sands also talked about. She likes a guy to wear something during sex. Analee called this “CMNF.” That acronym means Clothed Man Nude Female. “It means I like sex with a clothed man while I’m nude,” said Analee. Danica also touched on this, “I love when my guy wears a tight cotton shirt during sex. I love the way it feels,” Danica revealed.

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Also Geeks Deserve Huge-Titted Females

Even Geeks Deserve Huge-Titted Women also Geeks Deserve Huge-Titted ladies

Maybe it’s time to begin acting just like a geek if this is the reward.

Even geeks, nerds, twits, schmucks also assorted dweebs and tools should manage to get thier share associated with breast pleasures that big-boobed women are happy to bestow upon a number of the guys they encounter inside their daily resides. Our hero is certainly one such loser, laughed at by hot women, abused by unpleasant workplace bullies. But there is however a ray of sunlight inside guy’s life and she actually is Miss Charlie Cooper, a chesty charmer and his office supervisor.

Miss Cooper prevents the torment and directs both mean co-workers to meal so she can speak to this chap. And instruct him a thing or two about gorgeous, huge, normal tits. Like simple tips to worship the boobs, how-to draw them and have fun with them. And instruct him exactly how she wants to be fucked. There is a good deal becoming stated for females like Charlie feeling sorry for geeks. They want to mother ’em and smother ’em due to their hot, smooth systems. Every guy, geek or otherwise not, deserves a manager like Charlie Cooper.

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Cosmic Cosmia

Cosmic Cosmia Cosmic Cosmia

Cosmia performed the woman first XL Girls hardcore scene and was because hot as fuck. She got a hard pounding that appeared to stimulate her, perhaps not knock her away. When her cock guy jerked down in her mouth, she unsealed the woman lips wide and stuck her tongue out for their nut.

Cosmia provided the lady fuck-buddy the sloppy BJ she formerly talked about with the professional photographer. “I’d lots of fun. Blow tasks are a must for me personally. Swallowing is fun. In addition love to spit it out and possess it-all over my face and tits.”

Cosmia’s had plenty of intercourse and attempted different types of intercourse, including group intercourse. “I enjoyed threesomes with two guys in accordance with two women. All spontaneous as well as in the warmth of the moment. Initial one began as two guys-two women shindig but the other female tapped out and I also was not going to end!”

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Big Speedbumps

Big Speedbumps Big Speedbumps

“In my time job, we put on pin-striped matches so putting on a rushing cheerleader outfit had been a significant fun,” Dallas Dixon emailed down the road.

“I don’t ride bicycles yourself but i have heard the oscillations can certainly create a girl actually pleased,” she teased. Dallas’ tits look flawless in this shoot. For the people breast-men who love seeing veins, there’s just enough…not not enough, perhaps not too much. Her nipples are prominent in both size and color. It had been a great time when she made a decision to call us and state, “I would like to model!”

Dallas ended up being married for a decade before calling SCORE. She works when you look at the resort business.

“we live in a extremely conventional location. No-one I know features recognized me because we look very different in photographs and videos. It kinda excites us to understand I have my key life.”

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Goddess of XL babes

Goddess of XL babes Goddess of XL Girls

Nila Mason wanted to be considered a model. It had been anything she thought about for a long period but she did not do anything about this. After that she discovered XL Girls. Because the beginning, Nila has been doing the very best five in the models’ page.

“we looked at this as an possibility,” Nila said. “Im pleased I made this decision. I enjoy the things I have always been doing. Its much more fun than working at task that may bore me. I cannot call this work. Im an available person and I also choose to attempt new stuff and have new experiences. This also changed my estimation about intercourse.”

back, Nila has no one special guy. There’s some body she lavishes countless love and attention on and that’s the woman tiny dog. It reaches spend some time tucked in her huge bosom and that is a beneficial destination to be. Just who stated it is a puppy’s life?

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62-Inch Treasure Chest

62-Inch Treasure Chest 62-Inch Treasure Chest

Anorei looks damn great inside her tight dress. Nevertheless the second-skin, purple mini-dress comes off quickly anyhow. She oils up the woman great tits, spreads the woman juicy pussy and toys off for grand finish.

“The first thing we notice of a guy is their throat,” Anorei stated. “A dense, strong neck is often a turn-on for me personally straight away. In my head, sexy can be an attitude more than anything else. A combination of confidence, shyness and maybe somewhat swagger.

“i love to be the anyone to begin intercourse. I love to crawl under my guy’s desk and start to suck him to get him prepared! I’m passive only in feeling that I let my guy take charge.”

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Queen Of Cups

Queen Of Cups Queen Of Cups

inside her skintight metallic dress and black stockings, Alice85JJ is every inch a breast-man’s midnight dream lady. Said this superwoman from Romania, “I really don’t need a rather sexy gown to make me personally feel sexy. For me, it really is adequate to just use a straightforward T-shirt. But I know just what dudes love.”

Very few ladies in society can measure up on mind-blowing dimensions, form and pliability of her titanic tits. She can do things along with her tits which are unbelievable.

“I like guys in all honesty and honest. I am an honest woman and I also constantly tell the truth. I’m able to review some guy’s eyes and know if he’s truthful.”

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High Bouncer

tall Bouncer tall Bouncer

“My fantasies are increasingly being seen,” bodaciously built Mya Blair of South Carolina informed united states. Just what a set of tits this girl has actually. “many others are utilising a strap-on around lady. Office intercourse. I want to perform a significant things. I’m sure We’ll circumvent to performing a lot of them. Gagging on dick is another certainly one of my fetishes. I love to be back at my legs with my tits covered all over guy’s cock.”

We’ve seen Mya do this and it’s mega-hot. It really is one thing nobody in his correct mind would previously get tired of seeing. She’s just what she calls this lady “fuck-it” selection of horny activities she desires to always check down.

Mya’s come a long way since the woman first day at XL women.

“once I very first viewed my first video clip, I saw it alone, but when I happened to be in a position we shared it having a friend thus I could watch their particular response.”

If her friend is just a guy, their effect had been apparent.

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Strapping Bra Strap Buster

Strapping Bra Strap Buster Strapping Bra Strap Buster

Adriana Avalon’s 46 inches of bra meat tend to be contained by 38E cups–a hooter holster this 5’11” Amazon from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania does not leave the house without.

exactly what transforms Adriana of all of all when she is between the sheets with a guy? It isn’t cock size. She gets off well with “oral, specifically sitting around guy’s face or doing 69 with him. If he has got a skilled tongue, We’ll pay back the favor in ways he’ll remember.”

Adriana had not been sure of the length of time she wanted to bare her precious presents on-camera. She don’t seem to have long-lasting, professional aspirations inside direction. And you also can’t say for sure when some guy will snatch a lady away for wedding or a committed relationship.

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