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Lavina Dream – A Babydoll In The Bedroom

A Babydoll In The Bedroom A Babydoll In The Bedroom

Lavina claims she became a late bloomer. That her today big breasts didn’t develop till she was 16. “I was thus quiet whenever I became a child,” Lavina mentioned. “I might just go to school plus return house. I might have not thought I can show my body off like this inside a magazine plus about a webpage.”

Making bosom buddies with other models Roxanne Miller, Jennica Lynn plus Vanessa Y. about a trip to the Caribbean for XLGirls On Location became a main highlight of 2013 for Lavina.

“It is regarded as my objectives to travel to different nations plus because of The SCORE Group I was capable to see the Caribbean plus reside for a week about a gorgeous island with unique neighbors. I like to see Greece 1 day.”

If Lavina looks sweet plus real, it’s considering she is. “I am a rather all-natural individual plus I think the meaning of existence is to be a happy individual.”

Lavina certainly makes the planet a happier area. This movie plus photo spread proves which again.

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Alana Lace – The Magnificent Mams of Alana Lace

The Magnificent Mams of Alana Lace The Magnificent Mams of Alana Lace

She wants to wear a blindfold plus suck dick.

So states Alana Lace, a girl with extremely breathtaking plus big boobs.

Maybe Miss Lace can do which inside a movie 1 day. Blessed with a knock-out body plus pretty face, Alana is a Florida babe whom eliminates ’em whenever she leaves the apartment. It’s hot inside Florida thus which signifies she doesn’t wear a great deal of clothing. Is this certainly fair to the guy population? However, nobody mentioned existence is fair. But lifetime is gorgeous whenever females like Alana choose to spread, fuck plus suck on-camera for boobs plus ass fans rather of being the world’s ideal kept secret.

Alana has the uncommon ability to create even a masturbation movie appear like she’s being fucked with a man. She likes to truly spank which hot clit plus cunt, difficult plus swiftly. The fap-fap-fap, squish-squish-squish sounds of her meaty pussy being “punished” are loud plus well-defined found on the sound inside her videos.

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Anna Beck – Beck: Another Name For Massive Tits

Beck: Another Name For Massive Tits Beck: Another Name For Massive Tits

The “new” Anna Beck. Same Beck greatness. Simply much warmer. Anna has a new look. (Compare this to her authentic shoots.) Raven hair matches her in addition to the blonde hair did. The girl is a knock-out. We don’t learn what she’s been as much as for the previous 4 years. She was sorely missed plus it was feared which she had packed up her bras plus left the Big Show. And then, like magic, she reappeared plus was prepared to provide it a go again. This time much warmer. She showed her cookie inside 2010 nevertheless didn’t open it to show the creamy filling, thus to talk.

In this pictorial, Anna, searching thus advantageous inside a tight, low-cut dress, measures herself both dressed plus undressed, attempts about a selection of European bras. (Anna is a buying assistant, by the means.) After the bras are examined, used plus commented about, Anna plays along with her big breasts plus wet pussy. Change is wise plus even greater whenever it’s change like this? What is upcoming inside shop for Anna?

Anna is another model that would like to try skydiving. This should be the first individual objective for nearly all of the models here, next just to doing a boy-girl scene.

When Anna would like to relax, she wants to walk her dog, read books plus socialize with a group of neighbors. She doesn’t think she has any specialized skills. We respectfully disagree!

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Harley Ann – All Regarding Harley

All Regarding Harley All Regarding Harley

What a cutie! New arrival Harley Ann claims the most-fun job she’s ever had was being a stripper. “I might love to have plus manage a strip club 1 day,” states Harley. “I’ve furthermore constantly sought to create a book.”

We have filmed countless strippers over the previous 22 years plus this might be possibly the first-time a girl has mentioned she sought to really have her have strip club. Maybe a sequel to the XLGirls film Big Girl Strip Club ought to be about the to-do list.

“I’m a Youtube fanatic,” claims Harley Ann regarding her interests. “I additionally love sitting by the pool or doing anything outside.”

“Many folks see my big tits initially. I like it. If you got it, flaunt it! I virtually not wear a bra. If I will escape without 1, I may. I do like push-up bras with a deep plunge. I will usually locate them off the rack.”

“I’ve been told I am fairly talented at offering blow jobs!” Harley Ann states. We is seeing Harley Ann do which upcoming time.

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Jennica Lynn – The Adventures Of Super-Jennica

The Adventures Of Super-Jennica The Adventures Of Super-Jennica

It’s superheroine time with stunning Swede Jennica Lynn! At minimum that’s what Jennica looks like. Our own question girl. She can’t fly nevertheless she may knock we out along with her big tits plus bubble butt. She has no lasso of truth yet 1 consider her baby blue eyes plus you’d not be capable to lay to her. Those are five kilos of pure dynamite being propped up inside her bustier. The type which cause an explosion inside the trousers. That’s 12.5 pounds to people not found on the metric program!

It’s not well-defined what navy her bustier belonged to however there will be a rush to enlist when she was their poster girl. In truth, a few of the shots inside this set will be best because a navy recruiting poster.

Jennica, together with other island mates Lavina Dream plus Roxanne Miller are the beautiful covergirls of September 2014 XL Girls magazine (SP 269), accessible at eBoobStore.com. It’s certain to be a sell-out collectible. Grab yours when it’s found on the shelf.

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Harley Ann – Cute & Sexy

Cute & Sexy Cute & Sexy

Meet Harley Ann, a new babe at XLGirls.com along with a real cutie pie with 40DD boobs. Even the cameraman selected the phrase “cutie pie” whenever he met Harley.

Harley Ann is a bartender inside Florida. Whenever she’s not getting persons drunk about booze plus her breasts, she is at the beach along with her neighbors having fun or doing certain exterior Florida activity. She wants to go to sporting occasions plus likes sports.

“I usually like to wear a tight dress with a deep V-neck or perhaps a tight Tee. I love my big breasts plus I like to show them off.” That’s ideal confidence plus you applaud her. We equally applauded whenever Harley Ann took off her dresses.

A girl you want to squeeze plus motorboat? You betcha. That’s Harley Ann. Check out her boner bonus pictures plus movie. In the movie, Harley chats regarding her interests plus what she wants to do. You’ll love her!

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Harley Ann – 2014 Mid-year Round-up Of Newcomers

2014 Mid-year Round-up Of Newcomers 2014 Mid-year Round-up Of Newcomers

Jes Craven, Ann Calis, Kelli Maxx, Alana Lace, Isabella Grazzi, Jola, Kamille Amora, Amerie Thomas, Vanya Vixen, Kitty McPherson plus Harley Ann.

Yep, it’s time for a mid-year round-up of beginners whom have debuted because January 2014. It’s been a fruitful time at XLGirls.com plus here are the fruit-baring women which have debuted the previous six months. Our model look is never-ending. Should you learn a girl who’s really right for XLGirls, or should you happen to be a girl who’s only right, please take a consider the movie plus info at BeAScoreModel.com. We pay finder’s fee too. Be a piece of the greatest inside plump breasts plus bountiful booties.

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Isabella Grazzi – Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Baby, It's Cold Outside Baby, It's Cold Outside

No matter the season, the gorgeous face, the twin mountains, the gorgeous body as well as the pleasing character of the fresh-faced newcomer is the cause to accept Isabella Grazzi’s invitation to warm the cockles of the heart. It could be July, it can be December. It doesn’t create a difference. When is the proper time.

Isabella’s a best cuddle bunny for those extended nights, her soft skin radiating the heat of pleasure. Her girlfriend character comes right by inside the 2 dimensional planet of videos plus images plus leads 1 into a planet of fantasy. She has ideal, thick breasts a man may invest hours worshipping plus sinking into.

Isabella wants both females plus men.

“I utilized to have a girlfriend,” Isabella revealed. “It was awesome however, she played a great deal of notice games thus it didn’t exercise. But the creating out was the number one element.” Was she a busty girl too?

What satisfies Isabella right?

“Penetration…but I like being touched everywhere. Like kisses about my throat plus gentle hands rubbing my breasts plus behind.”

Judging by what Isabella listed because her intimate fantasies (including BDSM), there’s more to her than meets the eye. However that’s generally the case with many females, isn’t it?

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Vanya Vixen – V Is For Vanya

V Is For Vanya V Is For Vanya

“My talent is in being a paradox,” says Vanya Vixen. How so? “I am a sexy, nerdy, dominant, shy girl. Figure that one out!” Vanya also calls herself a “homebody.” But she’s nowhere near the shy type.

This is Vanya’s first time at XLGirls.com. She has a lot of fetish-oriented interests like cosplay and domination and is a web-cam girl in Florida. Vanya has a degree in the Performing Arts. A friend of Vanya’s recommended XLGirls so Vanya made the connection and clicked.

Vanya’s sexual fantasies are… “Romantic, chivalrous, love-story crap. I’m a typical girl at heart. But there’s also something to be said for dominating someone! When a guy asked me to allow him to worship me and my feet, I was hooked. I felt like a queen.”

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Natalie Fiore – Ice Cream For Natalie

Ice Cream For Natalie Ice Cream For Natalie

Natalie Fiore has a wanting for anything sweet plus refreshing. She requirements anything to lick. Something to meet an oral wanting expectant ladies receive. Many ice cream is good. A cone is brought to her plus she licks it eagerly. She may even leave the cone nestled hands-free between her today huge mammaries plus lick the ball of ice cream. Her cravings moreover extend to her sexy girl box. She demands relief there too. Her abdomen bump is colossal today. A rub-out might meet her, at smallest for a small whilst till the urge returns. Pregnant ladies are usually hungry, extra-sensitive plus sexy, their hormones creating them ride a seesaw of cravings plus yearnings. Natalie’s fingers reach about her bump thus she will play her clitoris like a guitar plus cum with a moan along with a sigh of reassurance. She knows this scene might function up her fans. That satisfies Natalie too.

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